2016 World Aids Day – Hands Up for #HIVPrevention

December 1, 2016 – Ido Ekiti, Sephamid Bridge Foundation (SBF) commemorates World Aids Day and sensitize teachers and students at Ekiti Parapo College, Ido Ekiti in Ido/Osi Local Govt Area, Ekiti State.
According to the SBF coordinator, Mr Dayo Ayeni, World AIDS Day is dedicated to remember those who have passed away due to AIDS and to raise awareness about AIDS and global spread of the HIV virus.
Our guest facilitator, Pharm Ayebo Michael said There is no cure for HIV and AIDS at the moment. However, treatment can control HIV and enable people to live a long and healthy life. He encouraged everyone to go for HIV test to ascertain their status. According to UK statistics, the most common way for someone to become infected with HIV is by having anal or vaginal sex without a condom. You can also risk infection by using infected needles, syringes or other drug-taking equipment.
He advised the teachers and students that, it is better and safe for all to abstain from all the means of contracting HIV/AIDS.
The school principal of Ekiti Parapo College briefly gave his remarks by commending SBF management to have dim it fit to have the sensitization program in his school and prayed for this organisation to move from strength to strength. He advised the teachers to go back home and sensitize their students and the students to educate other students not present.

Turning the tide against AIDS will require more concentrated focus on adolescents and young people. – UNICEF

HIV remains a global issue when it comes to prevention among adolescents.

Hands Up for #HIVPrevention #WorldAIDSDay